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The New Societies Act

The Societies Act is new legislation that was passed in spring 2015 and will come into effect on November 28, 2016. It governs how societies (not-for-profit corporations) are created and run in B.C. and includes significant updates to allow for more flexibility in how societies operate, while still protecting the public interest.

What societies need to do: Until the new Act comes into effect on November 28, 2016, continue to use the same corporate procedures and filings, and ensure your Society’s office address and annual report filings are up to date.

Please check back regularly. Information about what your society will need to do to get ready for the new Act, including transition requirements, will be posted here as it becomes available.

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to provide us with an email address to use for future direct communication with your Society. Send it to: BCRegistries@gov.bc.ca

Preparing for BC’s New Societies Act: A Guide to the Transition Process
A guide with basic information about the transition process and other matters that societies may wish to consider over the coming months.
Schedule B Bylaws
Reporting Society Information and Provisions
Model Bylaws

Transition Package Information

Please be advised that to transition your society to the new Act you will be required to consolidate the bylaws and have them in an electronic format.
It is NOT required that a society orders a Transition Package but it may be helpful for some societies in order to consolidate their bylaws in an electronic format.

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Updated September 2016