Personal Property Registry

Registration Information

Who Registers and Why?

Lenders and Sellers (Secured Parties) register their interest in the personal property of a debtor to secure payment of the debt and to establish a priority position in the collateral vis a vis other secured parties.

Garage keepers register non-possessory liens against motor vehicles, trailers, boats, outboard motors or aircraft for collection of outstanding repair bills.

Buyers may register a buyer's interest in the personal property of a seller to protect the buyer's interest in goods purchased and left in the possession of the seller.

Taxing Authorities register tax liens against the personal property of a taxpayer for collection of outstanding taxes.

Others: Agents, notaries, law firms and other parties who have been authorized to act as registering parties on behalf of secured parties may register statements on their behalf.

The registration service provided by the Personal Property Registry provides a means for secured parties and other registering parties to register their interest in a public registry which is searchable by the same parties and the general public. The registration is a notice that the interest in the collateral exists.

Searching parties must contact the secured party for specific details, such as, the status of the loan or the amount outstanding. Secured parties may be entitled to seize and sell the collateral to satisfy the outstanding debt.

What is Required to Register?

Financing Statement
This statement is used to register the following types of interest and liens:

  • a security interest under the Personal Property Security Act;
  • a buyer's interest in goods left in the possession of the seller under the Sale of Goods Act;
  • a tax lien on a manufactured home under the Manufactured Home Act;
  • a deferred tax lien on a manufactured home under the Land Tax Deferment Act; and
  • a notice of marriage or separation agreement affecting a manufactured home under the Family Relations Act.

Repairers Lien Financing Statement
This statement is used to register a garage keeper's lien under the Repairers Lien Act.

Financing Change Statement
This statement is used to renew, discharge or change a prior registration.

The Personal Property Registry DOES NOT register Builders' Liens, Warehousemans' Liens, Judgments or Motor Vehicle ownership.

Where and How Do You Register?

In order to register you will need a BC OnLine account. Alternatively, you may wish to hire a title search agent available to provide Personal Property Registry electronic filing services for a fee. Title search agents can be found in your local phone book. If you require legal assistance, consult a lawyer.

In addition, base financing statements can be filed at Service BC Centres.

All base registrations, renewals, discharges, changes and amendments must be filed electronically through BC OnLine. BC OnLine provides electronic access to government services for legal, business, government and professionals. For more information about opening a BC OnLine account, go to the BC OnLine website.