Personal Property Registry

The Personal Property Registry provides registration and search services covering interests in personal property for lenders, sellers, garage keepers, taxing authorities, government agencies, purchasers and the general public.

The Personal Property Registry was created on October 1, 1990, as a result of proclamation of the Personal Property Security Act, which essentially consolidated and streamlined the law on the registration of the security interests in personal property in British Columbia. The new registry absorbed the function of the former Central Registry and took over encumbrance filing responsibilities for the Corporate Registry and Manufactured Home Registry.

The Personal Property Registry is a notice filing system which registers all of the encumbrances (e.g. mortgages, liens, debentures) created against personal property in British Columbia, whether it belongs to a corporation or an individual. These security interests are to be distinguished from mortgages on real property (e.g. land) which are registered in a Land Titles Office.