Manufactured Home Registry

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The Manufactured Home Registry distinguishes British Columbia as the only jurisdiction in Canada that protects a person's investment in a manufactured home by having a central register of ownership details and controlling the movement of homes within British Columbia.

The Mobile Home Registry was established in 1978 with the enactment of the Mobile Home Act. The name of the act and consequently the name of the registry were changed September 1, 1990, by replacing the word Mobile with Manufactured to better describe the type of housing currently governed by the legislation.

Since April 1, 1978, under the Manufactured Home Act, no sale, transfer or purchase of a manufactured home in British Columbia is effective to transfer property in the manufactured home unless the transaction is registered in the Manufactured Home Registry. Detailed ownership and location information on approximately 84,000 registered manufactured homes is maintained in the registry.

Information maintained in the Manufactured Home Registry protects owners and purchasers of manufactured homes and improves the security of lenders in financing purchases of manufactured homes. The registry assists the province and municipalities in the collection of taxes by requiring the payment of property taxes prior to issuance of transport permits.