Important information on the Form 10, Copy of Resolution:

  • Check one box only. Special resolution to change constitution or bylaws; borrowing; for removal of or to change number of directors; for amalgamation of societies; for accountability; for subsidiaries; or to expel a member. Ordinary resolution for voluntary dissolution; to appoint a director; for remuneration of an auditor; or for removal of an auditor. Directors' resolution to permit some of the society documents to be kept at places in B.C. other than the address of the society; or application to be or not to be a reporting society.
  • Provide a brief statement describing the reason for the resolution. Note: a directors' resolution regarding location of documents must describe the documents to which it applies and the place they are to be kept.

A resolution, other than one changing the number of directors or removing a director, does not take effect until it is filed with the registrar.