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  1. B.C. Company Forms
  2. Extraprovincial Forms
  3. B.C. Community Contribution Company Forms
  4. B.C. Unlimited Liability Company Forms
  5. Society
  6. Cooperative Association
  7. Partnership / Proprietorship
  8. Limited Liability Partnerships
  9. Miscellaneous 

From this page you can download and print, to your own printer, most of the common statutory forms filed with the Corporate Registry.

Forms on this page are available to fill in online. For those forms which can be submitted to the Corporate Registry on paper, complete the form online, download to your printer, sign and date the form and then forward to our office, along with the required fee. Note that some forms have an instruction page(s) which should be printed and referenced during completion of the form online.

Note: For information on filing fees, refer to our Fee Schedule page.

Name Approval Request: REG708B [PDF]