BC Registry Services

BC Registry Services

BC Registry Services administers and supports the registration of businesses, personal property and manufactured homes.

Corporations, Businesses & Societies

Corporations, businesses and societies are created and registered in British Columbia under the Corporate Registry. There are many different options offered in British Columbia. For common questions, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

To learn about the differences between each business type please see Small Business BC's Business Structures Information Sheet.

You can change your corporation, sole proprietorship, general partnership or society address online at www.addresschange.gov.bc.ca

OneStop Business Registry

The OneStop Business Registry offers you the most commonly required business registrations and transactions all in one place. OneStop services enable you to enter your business information once and have it seamlessly transferred to other participating agencies in local, provincial and federal governments.

Personal Property

The Personal Property Registry maintains a registry of liens against motor vehicles, boats, outboard motors, trailers, aircraft and manufactured homes.

Manufactured Homes

The Manufactured Home Registry maintains a registry of the ownership details and controls the movements of manufactured homes within British Columbia.